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  • The Professor and the chickens

    One day I was doing the usual care-taking around The Kilns, when I heard the service-entry door buzzer. I opened the door to see who was there and met two men. The younger fellow, speaking on behalf of the old man with him, asked if they might see the house. The reason for their request […] […]

  • “Mere Christianity” – where it came from…

    The Revd. Richard Baxter (1615-1691) The source of C. S. Lewis’ phrase “mere Christianity,” according to Walter Hooper: “You know not of what Party I am of, nor what to call me; I am sorrier for you in this than for my self; if you know not, I will tell you, I am a […]

  • A Word of Grace – February 26, 2019

    Dear Friends, Thanks for all the good comments on last week’s message about healing from childhood abuse. It took me three weeks to write it in the right spirit and to build the courage to send it out. My thoughts resonated in the soul and experience of many of you and I appreciate the […]

  • A Word of Grace – February 21, 2019

    Dear Friends, It is a marvelous thing to read of Jesus setting free men and women who are despised and rejected, shackled by shame, and crippled by the behavioral habits learned in their struggle to survive. We rejoice in his love and mercy that turns their darkness of soul to lightness of spirit. […]

  • How To Pray, ch. 11: The Art of Prayer

    In ch. 11 of How To Pray, we move from letters written by a devil to Lewis’ kind and personal letters to “an American lady.” The Editor, Zack Kincaid, pieces together selections from Letters to an American Lady, and arranges them in a manner that works well. By this time in […]

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