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  • How to Pray, ch. 7: Think and Pray

    Chapter 7 of the new book, How to Pray from HarperOne, begins four chapters that are excerpts from C. S. Lewis’s famous book, The Screwtape Letters. Prayer is such an important part of the Christian life that it is obvious the devil would want to hinder it or spoil it. In the process of […]

  • A Word of Grace – November 5, 2018

    Dear Friends, My colleague and brother in Christ, Chris, was taking a break in my office, sitting with me and reading social media on his phone, while I reviewed contracts. He described to me a post in which the blogger tells what he wants people to know about him as a member of our Christian […]

  • C. S. Lewis’s How To Pray, Ch. 6: Morbid...

    Each chapter in this new book by HarperOne, How To Pray (HTP), is entitled with a question, for which the excerpt from Lewis’s writing provides the answer. In this chapter, the question is, “Does Prayer Require Morbid Introspection of our Sins?”  The answer comes from […]

  • A Word of Grace – October 22, 2018

    Dear Friends, It was cold, but there was little snow on the mountains, the January day in 2001 that I first drove the Peak to Peak Highway between Central City and Estes Park, Colorado. I was speaking at a pastors’ retreat and had some time to go exploring. I was enjoying the good road and […]

  • A Word of Grace – October 15, 2018

    Dear Friends, This being the month of the twentieth anniversary of the Word of Grace messages, I am going to share with you the message that is my personal favorite. This is the story of an experience my brother Terry and I shared in October of 1996. It was a sacred moment on a Southern […] […]