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  • That Woman – the Queen of Drum

    One of my favourite things to talk about at a C. S. Lewis Society meeting is what I call the forgotten stories of C. S. Lewis.  Lewis created many narratives in his lifetime, beside those in the Narnian Chronicles or the “Space Trilogy.” One of the best is “The Queen of […]

  • How To Pray, Ch. 15: Something Hard to Understand

    C. S Lewis was an intellectual.  Therefore, when he came to the Christian faith, he approached Christian belief intellectually.  It is no surprise that he ran into problems!  In Letter 11 of Letters to Malcolm – which is the substance of chapter 15 of How To Pray – Lewis […]

  • How To Pray, ch. 14: An Appetite for God

    In chapter 14 of How To Pray from HarperOne, C. S. Lewis raises the issue of the benefit of a sacramental understanding of the Creation in which we dwell and worship. The summary question, provided by the chapter heading, is “How Can We Be Like David and Pray with Delight?” The obvious […]

  • How To Pray, ch 13: Before the Burning Bush

    The 13th chapter of How To Pray from HarperOne is a brief excerpt from chapter 15 of Letters to Malcolm, accompanied by two sidebars: the poem “Footnote to all Prayers” from Poems – and paragraph 27 of chapter 6 in The Four Loves. Here we are dealing with an issue of much […]

  • How To Pray ch 12: Abandon to God

    In chapter 12 of the new HarperOne book, How To Pray, we have a meditation on a specific prayer by Lewis, originally in his essay “A Slip of the Tongue” found in The Weight of Glory. He relates an experience wherein he was praying this prayer from the Book of Common Prayer: “O […]

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