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  • God’s Inexorable Love

    Have you ever asked God to stop loving you so much? I’m sure that sounds like a strange thing to ask, but C. S. Lewis, in his book The Problem of Pain, explains to us, that if we are complaining or resisting uncomfortable or painful things in our lives – which his providence has allowed The […]

  • The Nature of Christian Surrender

    Years ago, there was a lot of debate in evangelical circles about “easy grace” and “Lordship salvation.” The concern was over people who were being told that they could become a Christian without submitting to Jesus’s call to discipleship, as if discipleship was an optional add-on for […]

  • Lessons from Living at The Kilns

    Want vs Need and the Importance of Community From Carley, Scholar-in-Residence August 2020 While working on an MA in Writing for Young People, I have learned much about the elements of writing a children’s book. A key consideration is character – specifically, the relationship between a […]

  • Living at “The Kilns”

    From Paul, a Scholar-in-Residence August 2020 When I first came to the Kilns, it was as a pilgrim reaching what T.S. Eliot calls a “still point of the turning world.” My feet brought me to the ground where my favorite author, the one who did so much to introduce me to the person and ways The […]

  • Davis Bunn Interview: Additional Questions &...

    During our C.S. Lewis College webinar on Saturday, August 15, 2020, we interviewed best-selling author Davis Bunn on his writing, his life, and his thoughts on storytelling. Due to time constraints, we weren’t able to get to every question, so Davis generously offered to answer the remaining […]