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Dear Friends, I had a conversation this week with a pregnant friend about the night feeding of infants. It can be a struggle for tired parents, but it can also be a unique pathway to knowing God's love as I describe in this message. I wrote it nearly thirty years ago [...]
Tue, Jun 13, 2017
Dear Friends, Every night, before I sleep, I compose prayers and send them to friends going through battles with cancer and other ravaging stress of body and soul. I usually send them with beautiful photographs that inspire my prayers. The next day I post them on Face Book for encouragement of [...]
Fri, Jun 09, 2017
Dear Friends, Thanks for the outpouring of responses to messages of the last two weeks regarding our calling to prayer over partisan politics and prayer of gratitude for reassurance in the spring knowing the winter storms will return again. Both seem to strike a chord with a lot of you. I [...]
Fri, Jun 02, 2017