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  • A Word of Grace – October 15, 2018

    Dear Friends, This being the month of the twentieth anniversary of the Word of Grace messages, I am going to share with you the message that is my personal favorite. This is the story of an experience my brother Terry and I shared in October of 1996. It was a sacred moment on a Southern […] […]

  • A Word of Grace – October 8, 2018

    Dear Friends, On Monday morning, October 5, 1998, I was home getting ready drive over to Newport Beach for the afternoon and evening to be with my sister Judi who had suffered a disabling stroke related to her diagnosis of stage four pancreatic cancer. That morning I shared a quote with nine […]

  • How To Pray ch 5 – C. S. Lewis and Dunkirk: A...

    [The British people crowd into their churches for the National Day of Prayer, 26 May, 1940, to pray for the BEF in France.] The evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) from Dunkirk in May/June 1940 was a gift from God that moved the whole of Great Britain. Hundreds of thousands of […]

  • How To Pray, Chapter 4: Since God knows all, what...

    Chapter 4 of the new HarperOne book by C. S. Lewis, How to Pray, is an excerpt from Letter 4 of Letters to Malcolm. In this letter, Lewis  begins to answer two philosophical questions about prayer, but in our excerpt, the question is “Isn’t It Presumptuous For Us To Bring Our […]

  • A Word of Grace – October 3, 2018

    Dear Friends, I did not send out a message last week due to travel. This week’s message is about an incident that may seem small, but it involves the Holy Spirit’s connection of two souls, three thousand miles apart, in need of encouragement and a reminder that our loving God is in […]