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  • An Old Falsehood

    Recently, I was reading C. S. Lewis’s book English Literature in the Sixteenth Century. In his introduction, Lewis seeks to inform the reader of the 16th century worldview in order to rightly understand the authors of that time. One needs to understand, per Lewis, that medieval concepts were […]

  • Living with Our Mortality

    Recently, I developed a video series on a Christian view of death and dying. I did this because there is so much to remind us in the news these days of our mortality – all the statistics about the various ways people are dying around us and how many of them there are. While preparing, The […]

  • How To Pray, Ch 16: God the Iconoclast

    In this chapter of How To Pray, we have an excerpt from chapter 4 of A Grief Observed. As Lewis struggles with the pain of losing his wife, Joy – he calls her “H.”, for her other name was Helen – he goes back to his decades-old reflection upon Reality. What we imagine of God […]

  • Why Read The Four Loves?

    Unless one is walking around thinking about the vocabulary of the Greek New Testament, the title of Lewis’s book, The Four Loves, is arresting.  Love is love, right?   But if we take a moment to think about how we love, and how we talk about love, we realize that things are […]

  • The Inside is Bigger than the Outside

    On Christmas Day this year, our friend Brenton Dickieson published the following on his blog. Having enjoyed it myself, I had to pass it along to you: “Always winter and never Christmas.” This is the condition where we first discover Narnia in The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe. It […]

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