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Dr. J. Stanley Mattson
Dear Friend,

From its very inception until now, the C.S.
Lewis university and
you can change the world!”

There are, of course, many ways in which one might wish to “change
the university.” There are, however, two primary changes that the
C.S. Lewis Foundation is working to bring about: 1. The attainment of a
more genuine open forum for ideas that are grounded in Christian understanding;
and 2. The emergence of an identifiable, although certainly not homogeneous,
body of Christian scholarly and artistic work that would more truly and
powerfully resonate within the curricular life of our colleges and universities.

But changing the university takes time and requires a great deal of patience.
C.S. Lewis took note of this fact, observing that it required a full generation:
“The schoolmasters of today were the undergraduates of twenty years
ago.” He observed that “delayed results” were the norm
within the “mental world,” where powerful ideas registered their
impact much like intellectual “time bombs,” long after they
had been planted (God in the Dock, p. 116). Indeed, most of the twentieth
century’s greatest social and intellectual follies are evidence of
just that, and with the gravest consequences for the world at large.

We believe God would have us chip away, Hobbitt-like, in an effort to cultivate
the soil and plant new seed within these strategic environments where spiritual
aridity has reigned for more than a century. As you read of the various
Foundation projects underway, please do remember us in prayer and give a
thought as to how you might get involved. We can’t do this alone.
Believe it or not, you can make a difference!

Dr. J. Stanley Mattson

President, C. S. Lewis Foundation

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