“My internship with the C. S. Lewis Foundation set me on a journey to integrate my faith with my academic vocation.” — Mallory Wilhelm, Summer 2006 Intern

Thank you for your interest in our internship program!

Here you can find program information, application procedures, and a page listing all of our former interns with some information on what they have done since working with the  Foundation.

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An internship is defined as a set of experiential learning activities sponsored by an educational institution and typically occurring in an off-campus setting. The experiential learning portion
of the program involves a broad spectrum of the various activities and functions of the mentor organization providing the student with a greater opportunity to be directly involved with what is being studied in preparation for their chosen career.



The objectives of the internship program are to encourage students to expand their education beyond the classroom, to give students an opportunity to apply classroom theories to the solutions of actual problems, and, to enable students to sample real-world situations
thereby clarifying career goals.



Internships are unpaid; however, the C.S. Lewis Foundation will —

* offer suitable housing with a local family

* provide local transportation, if needed

* offer written evaluation and academic credit, if needed

* provide supervision

* and provide letters of reference for post-internship job searches.



University students who wish to participate in the C.S. Lewis Foundation Internship Program must be at least of Sophmore level and in good academic standing. Recent graduates are also welcome to apply for participation in the internship program.


Length of Commitment

The internship should be for no less than 2 months or more than 24 months in duration. Additionally, an intern must commit to a minimum of 15 hours of on-site involvement per week. Please see our Volunteer page if you are interested in helping out the Foundation for a time period of less than two months or less than 15 hours a week.



Below is a listing of general internship opportunities at the C.S. Lewis Foundation. Please see the Opportunities Page for our current internship needs.


Interns assigned to this area will be asked to carry out a variety of tasks, on an as needed basis, while providing administrative and program support to the offices of the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Operations. This internship is particularly appropriate for
undergraduate students and recent graduates who have a myriad of interests and would enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. Strong writing, analytical, and reading comprehension skills, quality workmanship, and a flexible work style are all essential to this


Though development interns are not directly involved in raising financial support, they do learn valuable fundraising, public relations, and non-profit marketing skills while assisting in the implementation of a broad range of strategies designed to meet the Foundation’s annual and long-range funding goals. Assignments may consist of foundation, corporate and donor research and follow-up, coordination of itineraries and travel as well as design and
preparation of development materials. Strong writing, analytical, and reading comprehension skills as well as quality workmanship and a flexible work style are all essential to this internship.


Communications interns will be immersed in the daily operations required to communicate our mission and work to our supporters, alumni, news organizations, and the general public. Intern assignments may include copywriting, desktop publishing, graphic design, Internet research, website development, social media, blogging, proofreading/editing, publication production, public relations tasks, audio/ video/ photograph production, development/fundraising communications, and archiving.

Conferences and Events

Interns interested in assisting with Conferences and Events are assigned to a specific program based on the individual’s motivations and may be involved in the following: coordination of travel and accommodations as well as other logistical support; program development; marketing and promotional efforts; conference production; and, serving as a liaison between staff, speakers and participants. This internship offers an excellent opportunity to learn how meetings and conferences are planned and executed.