C.S. Lewis Foundation Job Description

Job Title:  President

Location:  C.S. Lewis Foundation home office, Redlands, California

Reports to:  Board of Trustees

PostedAugust 1, 2019

Deadline: Open until filled


Position Summary

The President’s fundamental responsibility will be to provide strategic and dynamic leadership and oversight of the C.S. Lewis Foundation (CSLF). The President is expected to guide and direct all facets of the organization with a major focus on spiritual oversight, fundraising, program growth/expansion, and financial health. The transition date of the current President is set for fall 2020. Note: Our corporate office is in Redlands, California. Ideally, we would like the President to work from the corporate office. However, we are open to discussing this issue with candidates under serious consideration.



Level of compensation to be determined. Chosen candidate will be responsible for raising a significant portion of funds necessary to pay their own salary and related expenses prior to their official start date.


About the C.S. Lewis Foundation

Inspired by the life and legacy of C.S. Lewis, the C.S. Lewis Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the vision to restore a vital Christian presence throughout higher education, the arts, and the culture at large. Since its founding in 1986, the C.S. Lewis Foundation has widely influenced world thinkers, leaders in the arts, and shapers of culture. We have done this through key initiatives including the following outreaches:

  • Conferences and retreats – we host regional C.S. Lewis Faculty Forums, regional C.S. Lewis Retreats and Conferences, and international C.S. Lewis “Oxbridge” Summer Institutes.
  • C.S. Lewis Study Centers – we operate the C.S. Lewis Study Centre at The Kilns, in Lewis’s beloved Oxford home, “The Kilns,” which hosts resident scholars and offers tours to travelers from across the world. We also have as an affiliate, the C.S. Lewis Study Center in Northfield, Massachusetts, a focal point of Christian hospitality, study, reflection, and conversation in New England.
  • C.S. Lewis College – Currently in the planning and fundraising stages, C.S. Lewis College is envisioned to be a “mere Christian” college of the Great Books and the Visual and Performing Arts.


Job Responsibilities & Duties

  1. Guides, inspires, and directs all phases of the CSLF’s operations, programs, finances, personnel, and environment in accordance with the established mission of the CSLF and the strategic plans and policies set forth by the Board of Trustees.
  2. Provides spiritual and administrative leadership while promoting the vision, mission, and core values of the CSLF.
  3. Develops and engages in a comprehensive, sustainable funding model that supports current and future needs by identifying and cultivating current and potential partners, donors, and stakeholders to expand funding resources.
  4. Manages all fiscal aspects of the organization, including developing and overseeing the annual budget.
  5. Ensures compliance with all federal, California State, and local laws related to operating a Christian, faith-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
  6. Engages in strategic planning processes and management to ensure the strategic goals of the CSLF are met.
  7. Models a consistent daily walk with Jesus Christ in speech, actions, and attitudes.
  8. Stays current with the latest trends and standards in non-profit management.
  9. Develops positive community-building relationships within the greater CSLF community.
  10. Oversees a staff made up of regular, paid staff members and various unpaid volunteers.
  11. Oversees the general design, marketing, promotion, delivery, and quality of programs, products, and services.


Personal qualifications

  1. Character of quality – lives a Christ-centered life in accordance with the Bible and Biblical world view. Note: chosen candidate must sign an acknowledgment and agreement of the C.S. Lewis Foundation’s doctrinal statement and statement of faith.
  2. Demonstrated servant leadership – a highly-organized vision-caster, with excellent people and communication skills. A team-builder who humbly serves in a role of servant leadership.
  3. Knowledge of C.S. Lewis – is familiar with the writings of C.S. Lewis. Preferred: a breadth of knowledge of C.S. Lewis’s life and writings.
  4. Our program areas – understands the role and workings of higher education and the arts in effecting cultural change. Preferred: experience working with students, faculty, and administration in a higher education setting.
  5. Commitment with heart – is distinctively called and committed to serve the Lord and our constituent groups.
  6. Inspiring speaking – a speaker with the knowledge, warmth, and gravitas to inspire people in pursuit of our mission, whether in a one-on-one meeting with a donor or in front of an audience at an event.
  7. Strategically-oriented – a goal-setter with strong organizational skills and the desire and accountability to achieve their goals.
  8. Relationally focused – builds productive relationships with all the CSLF stakeholders involved in fulfilling the mission. Focuses on facilitating discussion and hospitable debate rather than arguments. Acts as a peacemaker.
  9. Commitment to our core values: “Mere Christianity”; the “Good, the True, and the Beautiful”; integration of Mind, Spirit, and Imagination; Education; Hospitality; Community; and Excellence
  10. Courageous – has the conviction and perseverance to pursue the CSLF mission and vision, even in the face of setbacks.


Experience & Skills:

  1. Experienced Leader – previously filled a leadership position in two or more of the following of our mission areas: higher education, nonprofits, ministry, and/or the arts for a minimum of 5 years. Preferred: 10+ years of experience in these areas.
  2. A minimum of 5 years of personnel management experience. Preferred: 10+ years of experience.
  3. A minimum of 5 years’ experience in budgeting and financial management. Preferred: 10+ years
  4. A minimum of 5 years’ experience planning, managing, and engaging in fundraising campaigns in two or more of the following areas – major gifts, planned giving, fundraising events, capital campaigns, grants, and corporate funding. Preferred 7+ years.
  5. Preferred: A minimum of 5 years’ experience in project or event management.
  6. Holds a master’s degree or higher from an accredited postsecondary institution.
  7. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  8. Working knowledge of computer technology, including Microsoft Office suite. General understanding of social media and current technology initiatives relating to non-profit management and fundraising.

Note: years of experience in the various areas noted above may be contiguous.


How to apply:

Thank you for your interest in applying for the position of President at the C.S. Lewis Foundation. To apply, please send the following application materials to Steven Elmore by e-mail at or by postal mail to C.S. Lewis Foundation, Attn: Steven Elmore, P.O. Box 8008, Redlands, CA 92375.

Note: if you send the files by email, please include each of these as separate attachments to the email message and put “Employment Application – President” as the subject line.

  • C.S. Lewis Foundation Employment Application – Click here to download a pdf version. Click here to download a Word Document version.
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of application – In this letter, please detail your interest in the position and our mission, discuss why you are specifically qualified for the role, and tell us about your walk with Christ.
  • Letters of reference – Please include 3-4 letters of references detailing your character and experience in both occupational settings and church/ministerial settings.