FeaturedAn Interview with Jim Buchholz

Steve Elmore: Give our readers some information about your work at California Baptist University and its mission. Jim Buchholz: I’ve been a Professor of Mathematics & Physics at California Baptist University (CBU) for the past 27+ years. During that time, I have seen the college grow from JBs than 700 students to more than 8500.

FeaturedAn Interview with Kirk Manton

Steve Elmore: I have personally had the pleasure of knowing Kirk Manton and working alongside him managing our various retreats, conferences, and institutes for six years now. Kirk truly has a servant’s heart and a gift for leading and mentoring others.He’s had an even longer association with the Foundation as a volunteer in various capacities before

A Word of Grace – May 9, 2016

Dear Friends, Human nature tends to resist change. A lot of things motivate that resistance — pride, comfort, the threat of loss, fear of the unknown and disruption of familiar patterns and relationships would be some of those things. Yet, because we are mortal with limitations and inadequacies, change is inevitable. Jesus faced change as