How To Pray, ch. 11: The Art of Prayer

In ch. 11 of How To Pray, we move from letters written by a devil to Lewis’ kind and personal letters to “an American lady.” The Editor, Zack Kincaid, pieces together selections from Letters to an American Lady, and arranges them in a manner that works well. By this time in Lewis’s life – he was

C. S. Lewis’s How To Pray, Ch. 6: Morbid Confession?

Each chapter in this new book by HarperOne, How To Pray (HTP), is entitled with a question, for which the excerpt from Lewis’s writing provides the answer. In this chapter, the question is, “Does Prayer Require Morbid Introspection of our Sins?”  The answer comes from the last few paragraphs of Lewis’s essay, “Miserable Offenders,” which appears