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Inspired by the life and legacy of C.S. Lewis, the C.S. Lewis Foundation is dedicated to advancing the renewal of Christian scholarship and artistic expression throughout the mainstream of our colleges and universities, and by extension, the culture at large.

In this spirit, the Foundation offers this online, peer-reviewed journal to stimulate discussion concerning the relationship of Christianity to the academy and the arts. Following the lead of Lewis as expressed in his classic book Mere Christianity, the Foundation and its journal are pleased to be a meeting ground that celebrates the core commitment to Jesus Christ that is common to all Christians of historic faith.

The Foundation hopes that these articles will provoke intellectually engaging and responsible dialogue and insight concerning the moral, social, intellectual, and spiritual issues confronting thoughtful persons of goodwill around the world.


Scott B. Key, Ph.D., Editor

Steven Elmore, Web Director

J. Stanley Mattson, Ph.D., Publisher
President, C. S. Lewis Foundation

Gayne John Anacker, Ph.D., Associate Publisher
Vice President, C. S. Lewis Foundation

C. S. Lewis Foundation


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Redlands, CA 92375
(909) 389-1155

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