In Memoriam: Kate Simcoe

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Dear friends,

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you of the recent passing of our dear friend and beloved colleague, Kate Simcoe.

After a prolonged battle with brain cancer, Kate left us and passed into the presence of God on Saturday morning, May 25, at 8:45 am.  Duncan, her husband, was by her side to the end, sharing with us that “her passing was peaceful.”

For all who were privileged to have known Kate, there will be great sorrow over the loss of one who, quite simply and utterly, transcended all norms of grace and beauty. To be in the same room with Kate, whether for business or for pleasure, not to mention to share in one of her splendid English teas at The Kilns, was to be in the presence of one radiant with the spiritual attributes of an angel. A most extraordinary member of our Foundation staff over the course of the past fifteen years, among her many roles, Kate served, much as a watchful mother, as Kilns Coordinator and Director of the C.S. Lewis Summer Seminars at The Kilns. And quite beyond this, it needs be said that, for all who reside in and around Northfield, Massachusetts, Kate will long be remembered for her exceptional contribution to the much cherished restoration of the Northfield campus.

Kate was a blessing to everyone she met and worked with at the Foundation, whether it was at The Kilns in Oxford or at the main office in Redlands, California. If you have a story of Kate’s influence on your life, please tell us about it in the comment section and we will add it to this page. We would be happy to share it with her family. If you have photos to share, we would welcome them too.

Those desiring to express their love and appreciation for the life and ministry of Kate Simcoe are encouraged to visit our website and give a gift designated for the Kate Simcoe Memorial Fund, which has been set up to provide scholarships and funding in support of the C.S. Lewis Study Centre at the Kilns. Please follow this link and select the Kate Simcoe Memorial Fund.

So much more remains to be said of our beloved Kate, and doubtless will, but for now, I would close with a most fitting prayer offered up by a devoted Oxbridge 2002/Kilns Summer Seminar alum:


By your grace, dear God, lover of my soul, strength of my body, light of my life
I am sustained on this Memorial Day weekend and freed from my sorrow.
My heart is at peace for I am one with You, God.  My faith has told me so.
I draw nearer to You, dear God, so that I may be nearer to Kate
who is now with You.

Lord, help me to know perfectly that life is eternal, and death but a shadow
that hides from our earthly sight the unseen world into which she has stepped.
Love knows no boundaries, and the love of my heart for Kate
reaches into the beyond.

Gracious Father, You did not lose when You gave her to me at Oxbridge 2002,
and I cannot lose when she returned to Your eternal home last Friday.

“In my Father’s house are many rooms.” (John 14:2) and she’s already redecorating hers
and is serving tea and angel food cake to CS Lewis and Joy…..and Lord knows how many others.

Still in the shadow of Your protection, still in Your loving care,
only into another room has she gone.  This I know, even as I know
You are ever watchful over me.

As to life in this other room beyond the veil, we trust that to You.
We know that when the veils of uncertainty are fully lifted from our eyes,
we shall see clearly into all you’ve prepared for us and know perfectly
all that is now hidden.

Help us, dear God, to understand the mystery of eternal life.
Someday we shall understand time and eternity.
Until then, we are content to know that our elegant, beloved Kate is with You,
safe in Your everlasting arms.
While this world will now be less beautiful, Heaven is more alive than ever with her presence.


Under the mercy of our Lord,

Stan Mattson


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