Saturday, October 11, 2003
University of California at Berkeley; Dwinelle Hall

In the face of a pervasively secular cultural and intellectual climate, particularly in the university world, the noted Berkeley sociologist, Robert Bellah, observed, “If we do not recover the language and practice of Christianity… not only can we not contribute to a genuine pluralism, but we will be lost in the wilderness of decayed traditions.” (from Postmodern Theology: Christian Faith in a Pluralist World).

Can we, as Christians, “recover the use of our language” so as to thoughtfully and candidly engage ideas considered alien to the very core of Christian understanding? And can this engagement take place within the curricular life of the mainstream academy in a manner widely enjoyed by proponents of virtually every other intellectual perspective?

Join together with Christian faculty, administrators, and graduate students from across the United States and Canada for an informative consideration of the legitimacy and import of religiously informed thought and expression within the curricular life of the academy. Primary consideration will be given to defining the academic rights and privileges of scholars of faith who would venture to engage in constructive dialogue with the reigning secular paradigm of our day.

Consistent with C.S. Lewis’ own commitment to the primacy of “Mere Christianity,” the Faculty Forum embraces a wide range of ideological, political, theological and disciplinary orientations, bringing together scholars and educators of all Christian persuasions.

Robert Bellah
G. Dennis O’Brien
John Eastman

C.S. Lewis Foundation Faculty Forum
Katherine Bassard
Dick Staub
Patricia Benner
Philip Selznick

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