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2009 Seminars


Week I ~ July 11 through 17, 2009
The Imagination and Apologetics of C. S. Lewis
With Professor Don W. King

This seminar will offer a comprehensive view of the life and works of C. S. Lewis with a focus upon how his imagination helped to shape his apologetics

In addition to reading selections from his letters, journals, poems, fiction, non-fiction, and apologetics, participants will view and discuss important new video productions in order to gain a perspective on the ideas, thoughts, and opinions of the most popular Christian author of the twentieth century. 

Because Lewis has powerfully influenced so many people, this seminar will explore his approach to making Christianity intellectually reasonable, theologically winsome, and spiritually compelling. 

Week II ~ July 19 through 25, 2009:  
The Imagination and Apologetics of C. S. Lewis
With Professor Don W. King

See description for week one.

Week III ~ August 1-7, 2009:  
Lewis Remembered: Visits with Friends of C.S. Lewis
With Walter Hooper, Laurence Harwood and Kim Gilnett

What was it like to know C.S. Lewis as a friend? A stepfather?  A benefactor?  Meet with those who knew him best as family and friends of Jack Lewis reminisce about a man of integrity, scholarship, and humor.  Gain an insider’s glimpse into formative influences on Lewis’ life.  Consider how he integrated his Christian faith with work and personal pursuits.  Beginning with a biography of Lewis’ life and conversion, each day’s discussion will introduce you to another of Lewis’ closest contemporaries.

Special Guests:  Aidan Mackey, Barbara Reynolds and Simon Barrington Ward * *

Speakers and special guests are subject to confirmation.


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