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Academic Conference

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Through its Faculty Forums (2001, 2002, 2003) and Summer Institute – Oxbridge 2002, the C.S. Lewis Foundation has been pleased to host an international Academic Conference of increasing stature. The conference serves as a focal point of the Foundation's mission to advance the renewal of Christian thought and creative expression throughout the world of learning and the culture at large by affording faculty members and independent scholars the opportunity to read and discuss papers addressing the conference theme from the vantage point of all disciplines - the natural, social, and behavioral sciences, the traditional humanities and the professions.

The Academic Conference, featuring the presentation of juried scholarly papers by participating faculty, runs simultaneously with the Institute's afternoon seminars and workshops. Interested scholars from all academic fields are encouraged to submit paper proposals that engage the conference theme from either a strictly disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspective. Papers are also welcome that treat the life and writings of C.S. Lewis and related authors (i.e., "the Seven": C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams, Dorothy Sayers, George MacDonald, and G.K. Chesterton), or that address the subject of the Christian faith and its relevance to a particular academic discipline, or to the broader realm of higher education, or to the culture at large. Papers should not exceed twenty minutes in duration and will be followed by a brief period of discussion in moderated sessions.