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Southeast Regional C.S. Lewis Conference


Southeast Regional C.S. Lewis Conference 2007

"Faith Set Free: C.S. Lewis and the Quest for Joy"*


AudienceCome join us this fall as we engage the world of C.S. Lewis in the good company of Lewis scholars Joseph Pearce, Stan Mattson and Andrew Lazo. Together we will explore Lewis' life and works, discovering the essential role of faith in our own quest for Joy.


In addition to insightful lectures on Lewis and opportunities for meaningful worship and fellowship, the Southeast Regional C.S.Lewis DiscussionConference will feature performances by StillPoint Dance Theatre of Nashville, engaging music by vocalist Stacy Jagger and physician/singer-songwriter Jeff Kepple, an “illustrated message” on Lewis given by artist Joe Castillo, and a screening of Buena Vista Pictures' newly released documentary C.S. Lewis: Dreamer of Narnia.

Don’t miss out on this feast for the heart, mind, and imagination!


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