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Southwest Regional C.S. Lewis Retreat 2008

"Redeeming the Time:
Overcoming 'Screwtape' in our Everyday Lives"


Small Group Breakout Sessions
3:30-4:15 pm, November 1, 2008


"Browsing the Lewis Library:
An Interactive and Practical Reader’s Guide to Books by and about C. S. Lewis"
Led by Andrew Lazo

With the flood of books by and about C. S. Lewis currently in print, readers of C. S. Lewis face an overwhelming challenge in profitably choosing what to read next.  Join Andrew Lazo as he leads an interactive hour guiding you through the categories and titles of Lewis’ works, pointing out the essential (and essentially forgettable) secondary sources and suggesting what YOU might find most engaging and helpful as you read Lewis for a lifetime.  Following a 25-minute overview of Lewis’ works and the indispensable secondary sources (he’ll bring dozens of books from his own library), Andrew will offer some brief tips to where to find good reader’s copies cheaply as well as locating hard-to-find collector’s items.  He’ll spend the rest of the hour taking your questions about what you might want to read next, as well as what you might want to avoid for the time being. Come prepared to laugh a lot, learn a little, take a few notes, and (caveat emptor) drastically destroy your book budget.    


What Price Knowledge: The Dangers of Plucking Forbidden Fruit
Led by Louis Markos

Whether we call him Faust or Prometheus, Ahab or Dorian Gray, Dr. Frankenstein or Dr. Jekyll, literature abounds with tales of would-be heroes who, in their search for power or wisdom or immortality, end up, like Adam, plucking forbidden fruit.  Though their taboo act may have been motivated by good intentions, they all discover in the end that the fruit is sour, that their action has made them both a curse and a contagion.  Join me as I define the major qualities of this ubiquitous figure whom critics have dubbed the Byronic hero and survey some of his major incarnations.  I shall conclude my talk by considering how Tolkien (in The Lord of the Rings) and Lewis (in The Magician’s Nephew) offer their own Christian reading of the Byronic hero.


Lewis on Milton's Satan: More Dealings with the Devil
Led by George Musacchio

By May 1941, when the Screwtape Letters began publication in serial form, Lewis was preparing a series of lectures on Paradise Lost.  Both would be published in book form in 1942.  In those years, influenced by the Romantic poets, many professional critics and lay readers considered Satan to be Milton’s real hero, preferring the Devil’s traits over those of Milton’s Adam or God.  Lewis the dinosaur, however, knew Satan as Milton did and saw clearly what the poet was doing with his magniloquent character.  Thus through A Preface to Paradise Lost we can learn more of Lewis’s insights into the devilish temptations that beset us all.  I will discuss Lewis’s Chapter 13, “Satan,” along with his correspondence with Douglas Bush, another important Miltonist of that era.  No prior knowledge of Milton or Lewis’s Preface is needed; come and learn more about Lewis, the Devil, and your own soul.




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