A recommendation for the North Texas Christian Writers Conference 2012

From Nan Rinella, Director of The C.S. Lewis Retreat

To begin with—I’m going. That’s the strongest endorsement I can think of.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending the 2010 NTCW conference — on the prompting of Thomas Umstattd, the president of Castle Media, who said Frank Ball’s conference was one of the best run he’d ever attended. Thomas has attended many Christian writers conferences including the best of them. Thomas is a social media and web technology guru extraordinaire.

If you’ve attended The C.S. Lewis Foundation Southwest Regional Retreat and Writers Workshop at Camp Allen, Texas, in 2009 or 2010, you’ve enjoyed and benefited from Frank and Thomas’s teaching sessions. Thomas also spoke in 2011 and will be a presenter again for the Writers Workshop Track for The C.S. Lewis Retreat November 8-11, 2012

Our writers retreat this year is Lewis-centric and is focused on the writer. Our pre-retreat workshop will feature sessions on writing, publishing, and social media. But if you are looking for a concentrated comprehensive conference on the writing craft, I advise the NTCW event this month, the 22nd and 23rd.

Frank Ball has gathered an impressive faculty providing instruction for novice, intermediate, and advanced writers, fiction and nonfiction, plus a program for high schoolers. Personally, I’m attending DiAnn Mill’s Fiction Mentoring Clinic. I have an appointment with Thomas for website coaching. I’m always too busy to talk with him when I’m working at our retreat at Camp Allen. I’ve also signed up for Explore Your Character’s Psyche with Dr. John Savell. What an intriguing idea.

Do join me in Fort Worth. There is so much we can learn about the essentials of writing in this day and age. But we shouldn’t pass up the gems we can glean from the greats either. You’ll have four months to put into practice what you garner from NRCW.

Then by November you’ll be ready to come to The C.S. Lewis Retreat and  benefit from what C.S. Lewis and his writers group, The Inklings, can teach you.

2 thoughts on “A recommendation for the North Texas Christian Writers Conference 2012

  1. Any chance the dates for these conferences could be published a year in advance? I teach at a seminary and many of our classes are offered on a weekend model – if I knew the conference dates a year in advance I could request a date change for the courses I teach when there is a conflict.

  2. Also – PLEASE consider returning to N.C. for some of these conferences and retreats. There are many folks who would like to attend – I’d be happy to do some recruiting at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminar (in Charlotte) where I teach.
    Catherine McDowell

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