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C.S. Lewis, Prayer, and the Imaginative life

What is the relationship between prayer, imagination and creative expression? A mature and multi-dimensioned prayer life gave C.S. Lewis an anchor his soul needed to explore deeply creative veins of thought without losing his spiritual footing and fitted him for a life lived to God’s glory. How do we develop this kind of prayer life? In this group setting we will explore together how prayer shaped Lewis’s imaginative life allowing him to create works like The Great Divorce and how we may also cultivate the prayer life that anchors and fits us for a sanctified imaginative life.


Image and Word: Two Sides of One Coin

How often do we find ourselves equally at home in thinking and communicating both in word and image? Scripture tells that God uses both to communicate with us, even describing Jesus as both the Word and the Image of the invisible God. In biographies on C.S. Lewis, Walter Hooper and Lewis’ brother Warren both tell that Lewis had been thinking about the story concept and theology for The Great Divorce for at least ten years before he put pen to paper in 1944 but didn’t write it because he couldn’t yet ‘picture it in his mind’.  In this Hosted Group session we will explore the influence of mental images on Lewis’ creative writing, God’s communications with us personally, and how we might each become more ‘bi-lingual’ as effective communicators.


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