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The Psychology of Sin: C.S. Lewis Wrestles with Hell

Even though Jesus himself speaks more about devils and hell than any other figure in the Bible, modern people, including Christians, have much difficulty with the doctrine of hell.  In answer to this difficulty, I shall discuss C. S. Lewis’s concept of the psychology of sin: that hell is always something we choose and that it is less an end-point than a process by which the damned soul slowly de-humanizes itself.  I shall show how Lewis, in Screwtape Letters and The Great Divorce, offers a series of case studies through which he explores the various ways in which sin and idolatry slowly strip away our humanity.

I shall present Lewis’s concept and the case studies and then we, as a group, will discuss how accurate/believable they are and how we ourselves, and those we love, can avoid falling into such spiritual/psychological traps.

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