North Texas Writers Conference Early Bird Rate Ends Today

For you writers out there, we highly recommend the North Texas Christian Writers Conference. For the full, ultimate writers experience (inspiration + community + discipleship + techniques + tips + contacts + worship + the arts) come to both the NTCWC and The C.S. Lewis Retreat!

Their Early Bird rate ends tonight. Here’s information from an email they sent out earlier today.


Early bird registration rates end TODAY

The ninth annual North Texas Christian Writers’ Conference is coming soon and early bird registration rates end TODAY, May 15.

This year, with a faculty of 19 and 35 elective classes, you’ll be able to narrow your focus to the courses that address your particular need. Be sure to sign up for the free fifteen-minute consultations with instructors who most closely offer subjects in your area of interest. The faculty is eager to help with your specific issues or answer your questions. The best assurance for getting one of the private meetings is to come early each day and go to the sign-up sheets posted daily.

Faculty bios and class descriptions can be found under Events at:

During the conference, a limited number of sixty-minute spots are available for private editing consultations with a professional editor. You may also take advantage of thirty-minute website and social media coaching consultation appointments, as well as thirty-minute appointments with a psychologist to explore your characters’ psyche. These special consultation appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis. The consultation times will be an additional cost and are not included in the conference registration fee. When you REGISTER for the conference, consultations times will be shown, available for purchase at that time.

A few seats are still open for the Fiction Mentoring Clinic with DiAnn Mills on June 21-23 (three-full days this year).

Email Linda Franklin for more information.

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