Plenary Sessions

Plenary Sessions

Presented by Joseph Pearce


Glorious Marriage or Great Divorce: Thy Will Be Done (Two Talks)

In these two talks, Professor Pearce will focus on Lewis’ masterful work, The Great Divorce, in order to elucidate some of the greatest mysteries of life. Questions asked and answered in the talks will include: How does the mystical marriage between the Bridegroom and His Church impact the everyday lives of Christians and non-Christians? What is freedom and what does it cost? What is the difference between what we want and what we need and what are the consequences of confusing the two? Can rights be wrong? What are the dangers of marrying the Spirit of the Age instead of the Holy Spirit? What is the connection between sin and suffering? What is the self and what are its consequences? What does it mean to be true to one’s Self?


Wedding Gift or Divorce Settlement

Commencing with the appearance of the Ghosts of the Poet and the Painter in The Great Divorce, Professor Pearce will look at the importance of the imagination and of the gift of creativity, seeing it as one of the marks of God’s image in Man. Drawing on other work, such as Lewis’ Pilgrim’s Regress and Tolkien’s philosophy of myth, as well as the Christocentric perception of Gerard Manley Hopkins, Professor Pearce will look at the role and responsibility of the writer and the artist, asking whether the creative gift is something that we own ourselves or something that we owe to another.

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