Readers Sessions – C.S. Lewis 101

C.S. Lewis 101 Sessions


A Brief Life, and Browsing the Library – Andrew Lazo

In this session, Andrew Lazo will take us through Lewis’ life by decades, using materials from his book Mere Christians. He will also answer the often-asked question “What Lewis book should I read next?” by taking us through Lewis’ published work, arranged by categories. Andrew will end this session with some time for questions from participants.


Not Neglecting the Neglected Lewis Essays – William O’Flaherty

Besides writing many great books, C.S. Lewis had a large number of essays published in various publications during his life. This session will talk about some that may be considered “neglected” or often overlooked. Come join in to share your favorite “obscure” Lewis essay.


Where Do I Go From Here: Key Resources for Reading Lewis – Andrew Lazo

In some ways a continuation of Session 1, we’ll go deeper into the list of Lewis’ books, and will also explore the key resources in learning more about Lewis: biographies, encyclopedias, reader’s guides, concordances, and key studies in several areas of Lewis’ life, thought, and work. We’ll likely address some of the controversial areas of Lewis’ life and work, including the re-ordering of the Chronicles of Narnia, the role of Mrs. Moore, and the charges of sexism in Lewis’ writings.

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