Writers Workshop Sessions

Writers Workshop Sessions



Writing Sessions

(listed in order that they appear on the schedule)

  • “Inkling Impediments” – Melanie Stiles
  • “The PDQ’s & Dos & Don’ts of Pitching” – Nan Rinella
  • “The Craft of Writing” – Diana Glyer
  • “Redeeming Rejection: Turning Pain into Pleasure” – Steve Laube
  • “Ask Me Anything: A Freeflowing Discussion about Anything Related to the Publishing Industry” – Steve Laube
  • “Doing What the Inklings Did” – Diana Glyer


Inkling Impediments – Melanie Stiles

Even The Inklings had their share of challenges as they produced prolific works, so why wouldn’t we? Join Melanie Stiles, Christian Life Coach and Author, as she shares and compares five common roadblocks for every writer and how to overcome them.


The PDQ’s & Dos & Don’ts of Pitching – Nan Rinella

When pitching to agents and editors, you are your book cover.  Are you a fiction writer with a finished book ready to pitch to agents and editors? Have you an idea for a nonfiction work, or are working on one with a formal book proposal ready to pitch? Perhaps you’re more of a beginner in this writing life and just want to connect with agents, editors, and published authors to run ideas by them and seek feedback, but no idea how to start. This is the workshop for you.

Pitching appointments are routinely from 8 to 15 minutes (our time). That’s Pretty Darn Quick (PDQ). To make the most of that precious time, we’ll spend time on planning your Preparation, Delivery, and Quality. You’ll learn the critical do’s and don’ts. There will be role-playing and you’ll have the opportunity to actually practice your pitch.


The Craft of Writing – Diana Glyer

Are you Lewissian, Tolkienian, or Somewhere In-between? The best way to improve your written product is to tweak your writing process. A look at the sharp contrasts between C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien, and a handy guide to help you experience the best of both worlds.


“Redeeming Rejection: Turning Pain into Pleasure” – Steve Laube

Description coming soon


Ask Me Anything!: A Freeflowing Discussion about Anything Related to the Publishing Industry – Steve Laube

Do you ever wish you could ask a publishing industry professional the best way to write a book proposal or how to pitch an idea to an editor? Have you ever wondered where to head for a solid critique of your manuscript or how many pages is too many, or the best way to send your manuscript when you’ve finished it? Now is your chance! In this freewheeling discussion, Steve Laube, literary agent and publishing industry veteran, will take on any question you care to pose. You’ll learn as much from the questions of others as you will from your own and you’ll have a blast while you’re doing it!


Doing What the Inklings Did – Diana Glyer

In The Company They Keep, Diana Glyer explained how Lewis and Tolkien encouraged, corrected, and challenged one another. In this interactive lecture, she will share 5 principles to help modern-day Inklings do the same.

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