Children’s Track

Children’s Track



Download the Children's Track Flyer. Click the image above.

Ages: 7-12

To Narnia and the North! Journey with Aravis, Bree, and Shasta

This year the children’s track for the Retreat will focus on The Horse and His Boy, a book that takes two young children and two Narnian horses on both a physical and spiritual journey from exile to the land of Narnia. We’ll learn about becoming the kind of child (or horse!) that Aslan wants us to be.

The children’s track will include reading aloud together, discussion questions, memory verses that correspond to the lessons of the book, guest artists, and creative activities – including time for the children to write their own stories about Narnia.


Tuition (includes all programming + special Camp Allen activities) – $50

Download the Children's Track Flyer for younger children.

Room & Board (includes 2 nights lodging, and all meals Friday evening through Sunday early afternoon) – $50

Save 10% off Tuition by registering by July 15th!


Schedule to come soon!

Please note: Children will have meals and will attend some main conference sessions with adults, including music/dance performances. The children’s track does not provide child care/programming to cover the entire event. We will post a schedule soon. Please email if you have questions.

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