Lewis Readers Track

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Lewis fondly remarked, “When one has read a book, I think there is nothing so nice as discussing it with some one else – even though it sometimes produces rather fierce arguments.” The C.S. Lewis Readers Track celebrates just that kind of community which arises from reflective reading and good talk.

In the spirit of the Inklings, readers from a wide range of experience and familiarity with Lewis’s works meet together to delve deeper into the concepts that Lewis so clearly presents. Led by experienced Lewis teachers, the Readers track sparks all kinds of productive, intriguing, and inspiring discussion.

In doing so, the Readers Track offers three distinct advantages: the chance to learn more about Lewis’s writing, the opportunity to interact with other readers, and of course the blessing of reflection, both during the sessions and, often, for years to come.

This year, focusing on Lewis’ Space Trilogy will allow participants to dig deeply into Lewis’ first fiction.

Come and join us as we open once again the old pages of Lewis’s Interplanetary Romances and find fresh help from Lewis’ ready wit and reliable wisdom!




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