The 2020 C.S. Lewis Summer Institute, hosted in the historic university town of Oxford, will provide a setting where the challenge of thoughtful discourse, the transfiguring power of the arts, and the wonder of worship will enliven our thinking, catalyze our imaginations, and deepen our faith – with the ultimate goal of inspiring us to embrace a life of learning invigorated by purpose and hope.

The 2021 C.S. Lewis Summer Institute is an 8 day conference held in Oxford and hosted jointly by the C.S. Lewis Foundation and C.S. Lewis College. The Summer Institute will convene  July 27 — August 4. The morning program each weekday includes two plenary sessions and a meditation on the conference theme, while the evening programming each night highlights the diverse gifts of our artistic community of instrumentals, choral singers, actors, dancers, and poets. Several afternoons in Oxford will feature small-group seminars and workshops for our conference registrants, as well as an Academic Roundtable.

Brief Description of the Event

Our Summer Institutes offer a unique and intentional blend of worship, scholarship, and the arts in a “mere Christian” context for scholars, clergy, professionals, and laypersons around the globe. Academics serving in Christian and secular institutions report that these Summer Institutes rank among the very finest of conferences, offering experiences that have transformed their approach to their work and their life in the academy.

Whether our attendees come with a bent toward learning, creating works of art, or growing in discipleship, this time together is specifically designed to nourish and equip attendees to fulfill their callings. From our plenary sessions to prayer to worship services to workshops to breakout sessions to our after-hours “Bag End Café,” a warm welcome and the spirit of hospitality abound.


The 2021 conference will be the 11th convening of the Summer Institute produced by the C.S. Lewis Foundation. Past Summer Institutes have been:

Oxford 1988The Christian in the Contemporary University

Oxford 1991Muses Unbound: Transfiguring the Imagination

Cambridge 1994Cosmos and Creation: Chance or Dance?

Oxbridge 1998Loose in the Fire: Centenary Celebration of the Birth of C.S. Lewis

Oxbridge 2002Time and Eternity: The Cosmic Odyssey

Oxbridge 2005 Making All Things New: The Good, the True, and the Beautiful

Oxbridge 2008The Self and the Search for Meaning

Oxbridge 2011Paradigms of Hope: Transcending Chaos and Transforming Culture

Oxbridge 2014Reclaiming the Virtues: Human Flourishing in the 21st Century

Oxbridge 2017 – Irrigating Deserts & Cultivating Gardens: Pursuing Calling with Purpose & Hope

Oxford 2021Surprised by Love; Cultivating Intellectual Hospitality in an Age of Uncertainty

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