Event Faculty

Below is a complete list of event faculty, categorized by their contribution to the program. To read more about each, please click on the category of speaker.

Complete list of confirmed event faculty

For biographies, click on the categories above.

(in alpha order)

  • Raymond Barfield
  • Steve Bell
  • Davis Bunn
  • Elaine Howard Ecklund
  • Kim Gilnett
  • Diana Pavlac Glyer
  • Os Guinness
  • Malcolm Guite
  • Bruce Herman
  • Scott Key
  • Andrew Lazo
  • Max McLean
  • Alan Noble
  • Karen Swallow Prior
  • JAC Redford
  • Amber Salladin
  • Lancia E. Smith
  • Gail Standish Ward
  • Michael Wear
  • Philip Yancey
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