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  • Laying the Past Aside

    When we as believers speak of spiritual formation, we are, of course, talking about our sanctification, viz., how we are transformed by God’s grace from sinners to saints in the totality of our lives. This transformation of necessity includes an ongoing repentance from all that is still presently […]

  • In Memory of Tammy Rowan Cox, Kate Simcoe, and...

    For many summers, I served at C.S. Lewis’s home, “The Kilns,” during our C.S. Lewis Summer Seminars with three wonderful women. Kate Simcoe died of brain cancer in 2012. Debbie Haney died of dementia a few years ago. And, this morning, I learned the last of our beloved troop, Tammy Rowan Cox, […]

  • A Letter on Reading – In War Time

    Frontispiece to The Antiquary by Walter Scott, 1893, Public Domain I have for some time wanted to write a blog post on a quaint and encouraging passage in one of Lewis’s letters about the way he read books – in particular, non-fiction.  One might be disappointed with my timing, as I post this […]

  • Review: The Light from Behind the Sun by Wilson

    Douglas Wilson has been writing about Reformed theology for decades. He is such a prolific writer that one person quipped that he had “no unpublished thoughts.” As Wilson continues to demonstrate his love of writing, he readily acknowledges that he has owed much to C. S. Lewis. He has also […]

  • Q&A From Don King Webinar – 5 Things I Learned...

    Q: What is your evaluation of Warnie’s Christian commitment? Was it vital to him or more of a cultural tradition? Did he really grasp what Jack was writing? A: As a young man, Warnie’s Christian faith was primarily cultural, but after 1930 or so his was a genuine Christian faith. He and Jack […]