Who Is the C.S. Lewis Foundation?

Dear Friend

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the mission and work of the C.S. Lewis Foundation. You are likely hoping to know more about just who we are as an organization and whether you may want to connect further.

Perhaps the best way to summarize is that we are a community of “Mere Christians” inspired by the life and work of C.S. Lewis to seek out and cultivate faith, reason, and imagination in the company of friends.

C.S. Lewis is a model for us of a Christian who integrated these things – faith, reason, and imagination – in his life and work. Not only did he impact his students and fellow faculty members through his career as a faculty member at Oxford University, but he also influenced so many more with his writings and radio talks to consider the claims and principles of the Christian faith.

Among many other qualities, Lewis was ever-seeking, charitable, humble, and joyful. Rather than idolize the man, however, we are inspired by him to do what he did – live a faithful life engaging creatively with the culture around us to love our neighbors and to share the gospel of Christ.

In doing so, we place special value and strategic importance upon the worlds of education, the arts, and the Church. Incorporated in 1986 (but sparked in 1972), the C.S. Lewis Foundation was founded to address issues arising from the ever-increasing secularization of culture, particularly in the university and arts worlds. These issues continue to this day as we, in our calling as Christians, seek to remain the “salt and the light” to the world around us through cultural engagement, stewardship, and education.

We hope that you will consider joining our community in shared pursuit of these goals and ideals. Thank you!

Steven Elmore
President, C. S. Lewis Foundation

Our Organization

The C.S. Lewis Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization supported primarily through the generosity of individual donors. The CSLF is not affiliated with the C.S. Lewis estate and does not own or receive support from the licensing of C.S. Lewis’s works.

Our Vision

The vision of the C.S. Lewis Foundation is to engage culture creatively and to cultivate faith, reason, and imagination in the company of friends.

Our Mission

Inspired by the life and legacy of C.S. Lewis, we encourage and equip Christians to live out their faith within the world of ideas and the arts.

The goal: our programs produce spiritually equipped and culturally literate Christians who are transformative in whatever area they may be called to serve.

Our Core Values

These shared values are intended to inform the shape and character of our efforts to pursue our vision and carry out our mission:

  • Mere Christianity
  • The Good, the True and the Beautiful
  • Integration of Mind, Spirit & Imagination
  • Education’s importance in the Spiritual Life
  • Hospitality & Community
  • Creative Excellence & Collaboration
  • Stewardship & Integrity

Our Staff

Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds and denominations, but work together in a spirit of “Mere Christianity.” You can learn more about who we are by visiting our staff page.