FAQ: Donation Requests

Question 1:

Will you sponsor my event / give me or my organization a grant / make a donation to my school or church or other organization?

Answer 1:

We are sorry, but the C.S. Lewis Foundation is a nonprofit/charity 501(c)(3) organization that is supported primarily by individual donors. Our mission is to encourage and equip Christians to live their faith within the world of ideas and the arts.

What this means is that we request gifts from others to fund our own mission. We are not a “grantmaking” organization – i.e. we are unable to make donations to fund other organization’s missions/work.

Question 2:

I am from a country where you do not host events. Would you sponsor / host / fund my attendance at your event?

Answer 2:

We are sorry, but as a small nonprofit/charity organization, we do not have the resources (financial, legal, and governmental) necessary to sponsor, host, or fund travel to our events for any persons (residents or foreign nationals), and we are particularly unable to do so when it involves governmental immigration/visa issues.