Intern Application

1. Internship applicant sends a cover letter and resume to the CSLF by e-mail to info at or by mail to:

C.S. Lewis Foundation
Attn: Internship Coordinator
P.O. Box 8008
Redlands, CA 92375

2. Within ten days of receipt of your cover letter and resume, we will acknowledge receipt by e-mail or telephone.

3. If it looks like you may be a good fit for our internship program, we will then send you an application form to complete.

4. Upon receipt of your application, your application materials will then be reviewed for further action. Within two weeks of receipt of your application, you should expect an update indicating whether or not your application remains under consideration.

5.  The Internship Coordinator and appropriate staff (based upon the type of internship for which you are applying) will contact you directly for a telephone or in-person interview (depending upon your distance from the CSLF office) if they wish to consider your application further.

6. Upon completing the interview, the applicant will be asked to submit two letters of recommendation.

7. Within two weeks after we receive your letters of recommendation, you should expect our decision on your internship.


If you are interested in applying and have questions about the internship, please click here to send an email request OR click here to use our contact form.

Application Materials


Cover Letter and Resume:

A one page resume should summarize work experience and extra-curricular activities. The cover letter will serve as a writing sample while also giving the applicant an opportunity to introduce him or herself to The Foundation. The questions below are offered merely as guidelines. Each question does not require a thorough answer, and the cover letter need not follow this particular format.

* Why do you wish to intern with the C.S. Lewis Foundation?

* What prior skills, knowledge, and work experience are relevant to the internship positions that are of greatest interest to you?

* What are your post-internship plans and long-term career goals?

* What do you hope to learn or gain from your internship experience?


Application Form

Each individual interested in pursuing an internship with The C.S. Lewis Foundation must complete the application form provided. On it, you will indicate your top three preferences for internship placement, your dates of availability, and the length of time you can commit.


Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation must be provided and should include at least one reference from a professor/advisor/administrator who has interacted with you in the college or university setting. Individuals providing such letters may be contacted by the C.S. Lewis Foundation as part of our selection process.


How We Make Our Selection

A combination of several factors will determine when and if a firm internship offer is made. The following factors are all considered in the review and selection process:

Highest consideration is given to those applicants who demonstrate a strong interest in the mission of the C.S. Lewis Foundation.

Knowledge and Skills
The level of knowledge and skills an applicant will bring to The Foundation are particularly important within the context of a specific internship position.

Internship Objectives
An internship represents an investment of time and energy both on the part of the intern and the Foundation. Therefore, the Foundation will give strong consideration to our ability to meet the internship objectives set forth by the applicant.

Applicant Pool
Timing of the application, relative to the number of available openings, can affect one’s chances of being selected. Our summer program (May through August) draws the largest pool of applicants. The fall (September through December) and winter-spring (January through April) primarily draws students who are combining their internship experience with academic studies. Recent college graduates seeking unpaid work experience are given equal consideration for placement throughout the year.

In addition to the timing factor discussed above, placement options are also largely determined by the length and hours of service an applicant can commit to the internship.