Intern Endorsements

“My experience with the C.S. Lewis Foundation has been extremely valuable both in the practical administrative skills I gained, and even more in what it taught me about maintaining my Christian commitment in the challenging secular world of higher education.  That is a lesson I need every day in my chosen field, and I am very grateful for it.” – Isabella Cooper
“My internship with the C. S. Lewis Foundation set me on a journey to integrate my faith with my academic vocation.” – Mallory Wilhelm
“I have been blessed in so many ways by the summer I spent as a CSLF intern in 2006, following my graduation from the University of Southern California. Most of all, I received an enduring impression of the vibrant love that can flow out of an intellectually diverse community united in curiosity under the banner of Christ.” – Matthew Goddard

“My experience as a summer intern was one of the most vibrant and purely fun experiences of my life. The Oxbridge conference allowed me to wrestle with important ideas, and I saw that the intellectual journey is something my generation is faithfully pursuing. These experiences confirmed my desires to pursue this journey and I am now working towards an M.A. in History.” – Gavin Fort

“The experience of Oxbridge 2005, for which I was an intern, has had a massive impact on my life and thinking, and most recently has influenced parts of the book I am writing, to be published by Baker Books in 2010.” – Brett McCracken

“What a time! Everything about my internship at the C.S. Lewis Foundation seemed serendipitous. With full support from the Foundation team, and with their confidence in my own abilities, I was able to contribute in meaningful and productive ways, if just for a short time. Ultimately, my four month internship exposed me to all the kindness, faith and magic of the people who share the vision of the foundation, but also to the development of key professional skills in public relations, administration, and event management.” – Marlon Davies