Call for Papers:  Academic Roundtable of the 2024 C.S. Lewis Conference & Faculty Forum

Sponsored by C. S. Lewis Foundation and the C. S. Lewis Study Center, Northfield, MA Longing for Beauty and Justice:  Restoring a Commonweal University of Massachusetts, Amherst November 1-3, 2024 Theme Statement:  Despite cultural and political tensions there is a prevailing longing for both Beauty and Justice.  How do these two important concepts relate?  Can

A Tribute in Memory of Dr. J. Stanley Mattson (1937-2024)

Our Founder and first President, Stan Mattson, died this week at age 86. A great man, but more importantly, a good man, he was many things to people over the course of his life – a friend, husband, father, mentor, father-figure, leader, President, Headmaster, Professor, truck stop owner, student, son, sailor, and a formidable “Words

For Lewis Reading Day, 2023

When C. S. Lewis gave his famous “De Descriptione Temporum” speech at Cambridge University, he described himself as a “dinosaur” partly because his education had been of the older type, where it was expected that a youth read the classics in the original Greek or Latin.  Though he went on to teach Philosophy and English

Laying the Past Aside

When we as believers speak of spiritual formation, we are, of course, talking about our sanctification, viz., how we are transformed by God’s grace from sinners to saints in the totality of our lives. This transformation of necessity includes an ongoing repentance from all that is still presently sinful about us. While repentance is a