C.S. Lewis on the Web – June 8, 2012

Here are this week’s appearances of C.S. Lewis and his works across the web:

Photo of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe theatre production, Kensington Gardens, London. (c) Christianity Today



Article on Christian themes in Stephen King novels briefly mentions a quote from King that C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien influenced him.

60 Minutes and Vanity Fair “asked 1,000 Americans which fictional land they’d most like to visit if given the chance.” Evangelicals chose Narnia, Catholics chose Wonderland, and mainline Protestants were evenly split between Hogwarts, Narnia, and Neverland. In the article from the Pasadena Sun, various clergy from the Pasadena, CA area weigh in on the results.




The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe production at the Kensington Gardens, London, continues to get reviews. The latest one is from Christianity Today.


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Our friend and fellow staff member, Andrew Lazo, posted a wonderful list of C.S. Lewis resources on his website.  Of course, if you are interested in purchasing any of them, I have to offer the C.S. Lewis Foundation’s online Amazon affiliate bookstore as a potential source.  We likely have each resource listed and categorized, and if we don’t, then you can do a full search through Amazon. We do receive a small portion of the sales price for referring people, and as a nonprofit organization, it does help us.

This week, Hobby Lobby announced two semi-finalists for the gift of the Northfield Campus. Our response to the news and how it relates to our plans for C.S. Lewis College can be found on our website.

David Naugle writes about C.S. Lewis and the Arts on the Harper Collins C.S. Lewis blog.

Reading Circle Books blog reposts the famous list of books C.S. Lewis gave to The Christian Century when they asked Lewis what books most shaped him.




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