C.S. Lewis Foundation Thanks Ellies Chan

Ellies Chan
Ellies Chan

The C.S. Lewis Foundation wants to thank our recent Intern, Ellies Chan, for all her hard work and dedication the last few months as she stayed here in Redlands and volunteered for the Foundation.

In her own words when she applied for her internship with the Foundation:

I am a corporate communication undergraduate recently graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I have been a Christian for 7 years and have actively participated in church activities, serving as leader of a fellowship, the preparer and printer of Sunday services bulletins, and a participant of missionary trips in the local community and mainland China. The internship opportunity is precious to me as I want to integrate Christian faith and my vocation in communications at the C.S. Lewis Foundation. More importantly, I hope to be used by the Lord to glorify His love and grace by serving others.

Ellies began her internship in August 2010.  She worked weekly for the Communications and Development departments, doing such tasks as updating the website and blog, creating and working on printed publications, answering inquiries about C.S. Lewis College.  She worked very diligently from August 2010 to January of 2011, when she returned to Hong Kong.

It has only been a couple weeks since she left, but we at the Foundation already miss Ellies.  We wish her well in her future endeavors, in school, and work, and in her spiritual life.  Most of all, we hope to see her again someday, perhaps even at one of our events.

Thank you, Ellies.<-->