C.S. Lewis and Scholarship – An Interview with Andrew Lazo

Lancia Smith, one of the C.S. Lewis Foundation’s long time friends and supporters, as well as an excellent blogger, has recently posted an interview she conducted with Andrew Lazo.  Andrew is a frequent attendee of the C.S. Lewis Foundation’s many conferences, serving in the past as a staff member–whom you may remember from Bag-End!–and will […]

C.S. Lewis Around the Web – Feb 26, 2013

A few noteworthy articles concerning C.S. Lewis have been buzzing about the web recently: New Transcription of C.S. Lewis Manuscript? Most notably, Andrew Lazo–longtime friend of the C.S. Lewis Foundation–has recently posted an article on his blog about his transcription of an early manuscript that formed the basis for Surprised by Joy. Interestingly, this manuscript […]