What We Do With Your Gift

The C.S. Lewis Foundation engages in several strategic initiatives central to fulfilling our mission. Here is just a sample of what we have done with your support:


The C.S. Lewis Study Centre at The Kilns

  • The KilnsFaithfully restored and continue to maintain “The Kilns” (C.S. Lewis’s home from 1930-1963)
  • Conduct tours of The Kilns, which help to introduce or deepen access to the life and work of C.S. Lewis among the thousands of visitors to the home and Study Centre
  • Provide a place for scholars in residence to study, write, and join in Christian community
  • Offer an annual series of Summer Seminars on Lewis and related themes
  • Feature on-site lectures offered at the Study Centre on Lewis and his works
  • Host evening meetings of the Oxford C.S. Lewis Society

Programs and Events

  • ConferencesConduct Oxbridge Summer Institutes in Oxford and Cambridge every three years
  • Host the annual Fall Southwest Regional C.S. Lewis Retreat in Texas
  • Convene Summer Conferences in the U.S.
  • Conduct a Southeast Regional C.S. Lewis Conference every few years
  • Speak on college and university campuses and at churches throughout the nation

Faculty Forum

  • Faculty ForumConvene Faculty Forum conferences on broad themes relevant to faith in the mainstream academic world
  • Hold peer-reviewed academic paper sessions in Summer Institutes and Faculty Forums
  • Host Faculty Forum Prayer Luncheons on campuses within a region
  • Facilitate a growing network of Christian faculty across the U.S. and abroad
  • Encourage interfaith dialogue
  • Conduct faculty roundtables facilitating discussion on key issues involving the integration of faith with higher education

C.S. Lewis College

  • College PicturePlanned and created the key documents needed to receive state approval to launch the College, including curriculum, syllabi, and the founding charter
  • Implemented development plans to raise the necessary funding to found the College
  • Hosted the Festival of Lessons and Carols program
  • Worked with Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. on the restoration and refurbishment of the Northfield Campus


  • Offer study guides on Lewis’ works for teachers, study groups, and individual readers.
  • Publish an online academic journal containing scholarly articles on Lewis and the Inklings
  • Host a bookstore containing works by and related to Lewis, the Inklings, and a variety of subjects related to faith, culture, and education
  • Post a blog containing a variety of announcements, original articles, and resources
  • Produce and offer video and audio resources including online video/audio, conference recordings, and award-winning short films on Lewis and the work of the Foundation
  • Facilitate online social networks where fans of C.S. Lewis and our ministry can meet and make personal and professional connections
  • Publish newsletters, both print and electronic, that update our members and visitors to our work and its impact on the lives of others


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