How Your Gift Makes A Difference

The primary impact of our work is in people’s lives – in the way they work, study, write, and live out their lives for Christ.

Here are just a few of the ways our ministry has made a difference:

Professors take a look at their work in the context of their faith, realize that their faith is compatible with scholarship, better express their faith through their teaching and scholarship, and network with other like-minded faculty.

Graduate students find models of scholarship and teaching and gain new insights into the relevance of their Christian faith to their future careers in academia.

Undergraduate students are motivated to discover their respective callings, aware that they have Christian role models in their fields who have successfully integrated their walk in faith while serving in largely secular environments. Many are inspired to change direction in their academic careers or even go “further up and further in” in their field and gain advanced degrees.

College/University administrators and trustees explore complex issues in the relationship between higher education and faith and find ways in which they may facilitate and administer academic environments in which those with faith have a free and fair place within the marketplace of ideas.

Ministers/Pastors return to their churches with new insights into ways they can integrate the life of the mind into their work while ministering to the hearts of their people.

Lay People are equipped with new ways to live out their faith in the workplace and through their personal relationships, often launching new programs within their churches to share what they have learned.

Christians of all denominations learn ways to truly love God with all their heart, mind, and soul while engaging other Christians, often of different communions, in deep fellowship.

Non-Christians find that faith and reason are not mutually exclusive and learn of the long tradition of Christian engagement with the worlds of scholarship and art.

Artists/performers explore the interconnected relationship of their faith and their art, are inspired to explore new artistic avenues, and make connections to collaborate with other artists.

Authors find community, are inspired to write new projects and, in some cases, take up the pen for the first time or again after many years.

Those who love Lewis’ fiction are challenged to read his nonfiction and scholarly works in order to see his fictional works in new ways.

Those who love Lewis’ nonfiction are similarly challenged to read his fiction and see how creativity and the life of the imagination informs Lewis’ theology.

Families form new bonds between parents, siblings, and children as they encounter together the C.S. Lewis Foundation conference experience of integrating worship, intellectual study, and artistic creativity.

Interns and student workers at the Foundation gain valuable experience while working in a creative, challenging, and supportive Christian environment.

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