C.S. Lewis Study Centre at the Kilns

The Kilns

The C.S. Lewis Foundation owns and maintains “The Kilns,” C.S. Lewis’ former home in Oxford.

Since 1993, hundreds from America and Britain, all lovers of C.S. Lewis, have labored to restore and furnish the home as a Christian study centre.

The restoration was completed in 2001, and The C.S. Lewis Study Centre at The Kilns was dedicated in July 2002 to serve as a focal point of Christian hospitality, study, reflection and learned conversation between Christian scholars, artists, and laity the world over. To this end, the Foundation provides three principal ways in which one may experience “life at The Kilns”:

Scholars-in-Residence Program: Throughout the year, The Kilns is home to a small intentional Christian community of visiting scholars and advanced graduate students, all engaged in some aspect of research and study at Oxford University.

Tours: Upon request, individual and group tours can usually be arranged in advance. In the interest of ensuring a quality study experience for all in residence at The Kilns, visitors are respectfully urged to respect the fact that The Kilns is not a museum. Rather, it is the Foundation’s intention to honor the memory of C.S. Lewis by encouraging its continued use as a quiet place of study, fellowship and creative scholarly work, much in the manner that characterized Lewis’ own period of residency there. Please visit our Tour the Kilns page for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Summer Seminars: The C.S. Lewis Study Centre at The Kilns launched its Summer Seminars program in 2001 and has continued and expanded this unique small group study program over the years. A small group of participants each week enjoy the intimate seminar setting at The Kilns with discussions hosted by a distinguished C.S. Lewis scholar in residence.  You can read some of the endorsements of past Seminars here.