Summer Seminars Endorsements


“A five star treat of love and beauty. It was a dream come true for me – because Lewis has been such a close mentor for me for so many years! Thank you!” – Barbara Thompkins, Tucson, AZ

“Great staff, wonderful experience! I believe I got more than I paid for. The fact that only seven others were participating lent a very personal touch that no price tag can assess. I recommend this seminar to everyone.” – Cynthia Carlson, Romeoville, IL

“The lectures were great! Everyone brought their own special viewpoint to discussions which broadened my own views.” – Seminar Participant

“In addition to the seminar staff, the personal touches were indescribable. It is exciting to have watched this progress over the years. And to have experienced one of the first seminars! Congratulations! Let’s pray for God’s blessing as The Kilns is now ready for His use.” – Sharon Taylor, Fergus Falls, MN

“This past week surpassed all of my expectations… I was surprised by much joy.” – Karen Erkel, Laguna Niguel, CA

“It was a nourishing experience both physically and spiritually. … We refuse to let it end—We have made eternal friends and gained, I believe, eternal insights.” – Robby & Debby Edwards, Irvine, CA

“I had hoped to learn more comprehensively what Lewis was like as a person. I did. But just as infectious, was the spirit of Lewis present in the fellowship shared.” – Beverly Arlton, Stanwood, WA