Afternoon Seminars: Matthew Anderson

2014 C.S. Lewis Summer Conference, July 21-31, 2014, Oxford & Cambridge, England

 Afternoon Seminars & Workshops

OX-05 The Place of Doubt & Questioning in the Virtuous Life

Matthew Anderson

 What have the virtues to do with faith, doubt, and the intellectual aspects of the Christian life? Classically, curiosity was considered a vice. But should it be? This seminar will evaluate the nature of intellectual desires, their proper objects, and how the virtues might help us properly order them.

matthewanderson-resizeMatthew Anderson – Author of Earthen Vessels: Why our Bodies Matter to our Faith and The End of our Exploring:  A Book about Questioning and the Confidence of Faith He has been the Lead Writer at “Mere Orthodoxy” (a blog hosting thoughtful and gracious conversations about Christianity’s shape in the public square) since 2004, and has been published by the Washington Post, CNN, Christianity Today, Books & Culture, Relevant, and others.  He is a Perpetual Member of the Torrey Honors Institute, a graduate of Biola University, and he is pursuing an M.Phil. in Christian Ethics at Oxford University.