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Centered on you — the writer — the writers workshop track will build your relationships with other writers and professionals in the writing community while you learn practical tips and techniques to improve your writing and its reception. This will be an experience to stimulate your intellect, enlighten your spirit, and delight and refresh your imagination.

Come join us for our lectures, workshops, and group sessions for the jump-start, dusting off, or home-stretch encouragement you’ve needed to move forward with your writing. We all know that writing well is, in part, a talent. But moving from God-given gift to a finished — and perhaps published — product requires self-discipline and dogged perseverance, as well the encouragement and feedback of others.

We offer an affirming atmosphere for learning from respected authors, reading and commenting on one another’s work, and discussing specifics for creating a writing life that is more than a rainy-day hobby. Writers of all expertise levels are welcome to come celebrate the creative life — and the privilege of working in community.

Writers Workshop Track Program

  • Writing General Sessions – Friday morning and afternoon
  • Breakout Sessions – Saturday
  • ‘Sprinklings’ Groups – Friday evening, Saturday evening: Facilitated by Melanie Stiles, these small groups are for sharing and feedback for prose writers and poets.

Note: biographical information on each of our speakers can be found by clicking here.

Writing Sessions – Friday

Lancia-headshot-3-editCalling – What Is It and What Do I Do to Answer It?

Lancia E. Smith What does it mean to be “called” to write and how do I know if I am? What is my response to God’s command to follow Him as a writer as I mature as a believer? What are the costs of obeying the call? If you are wrestling with these questions or others related to being a writer, this workshop is for you! This interactive session mixes teaching, story-telling, visual presentation, and group sharing to expose some of our common misunderstandings of what it is to be called, and then explores what it takes to answer the call. You will leave this session with handouts, links to resources for further study, and very possibly a clearer sense of the call on your own life.


melanie-authorA Writers Disciplines

Melanie Stiles – Writing flows out of the passion and fire within. A moment of creativity seizes a writer and fingers begin to pound out masterpieces on a laptop. OR IS THAT REALLY HOW IT HAPPENS? We often assume great things are done by those who are blessed with natural talent, genius or skill. But, how many great things are done by people who simply made the decision to realize their fullest potential? Every true writer has one commonality with every other writer, but it’s not necessarily style, technique or vocabulary. It is the development of writer’s disciplines and there are several that can determine a writer’s future. In this interactive session, we will be sifting through the cores of the disciplines of ownership, priority, integrity and purpose.


Photo of Terry GlaspeyTelling It Slant: Finding New Ways to Reflect the Old, Old Story

Terry GlaspeyEmily Dickinson spoke of telling the truth, but “telling it slant,” communicating in ways that are unexpected and surprising. In this session we’ll explore ways to move beyond propaganda and cliche to create fiction and non-fiction that is startling, fresh, and effective. We’ll also consider the philosophy and practice behind powerful writing.

‘Sprinklings’ Groups – Friday evening

  • Facilitated by Melanie Stiles, these small groups are for sharing and feedback for prose writers and poets.


Writing Sessions – Saturday


Learning from the Poems You Love: Photo of Malcolm Guite: Copyright Lancia E. Smith & C.S. Lewis Foundation
How your Your Favourite Poems Can Also Become Your Best Teachers

Malcolm Guite – For this session, we ask that you please bring and be ready to discuss your favorite poems from your favorite poets. Together we will explore techniques and tools of poets, past and present, who are often the best teachers regarding our own poetry.

melanie-authorC.H.A.N.G.E & Every Writer

Melanie Stiles – Join life coach and award-winning author, Melanie Stiles, in an interactive session dedicated to helping you reach your full potential as a writer with God-given gifts. Every life journey has ups and downs. Success as a writer depends on the ability to adapt to circumstance, develop positive and strategic mindsets, and overcome whatever obstacles present themselves. Together, we’ll examine what it takes for writers to survive and thrive. Through the acronym, C.H.A.N.G.E., we will gain a stronger awareness of what, where, and how we can navigate change!


‘Sprinklings’ Groups – Saturday evening

  • Facilitated by Melanie Stiles, these small groups are for sharing and feedback for prose writers and poets.

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