Andrew Lazo and Special Guest Joseph Pearce

Afternoon Seminar

“Answering Aslan: Calling in the Chronicles of Narnia”

Through a Wardrobe. Pulled from a railway station at the sound of Susan’s Horn. Falling into a painting–or a pool. By many different means, the children of our world are called into Narnia to dare great deeds and then return to tell the tale. This four-part breakout explores the role of vocation in Narnia by tracing the ways in which Aslan calls people INTO Narnia, OUT OF themselves and TOWARD Himself, and then TO others in order to take part in the Great Story. Joseph Pearce will be a special guest for the first session.

Andrew Lazo is a speaker, teacher, and writer on C.S. Lewis and his fellow Inklings. Andrew currently serves as teacher of English and C.S. Lewis at Houston Christian High School in Houston.

Lazo has published several articles and book reviews on Lewis and has co-edited Mere Christians: Inspiring Stories of Encounters with C. S. Lewis. His latest article, published in the journal VII, has corrected the accepted dating of Lewis’s conversion to Theism.

As a speaker on C.S. Lewis and the Inklings, Lazo’s resume includes: weekend conferences at Laity Lodge, St. Mark’s Episcopal (Jacksonville, FL) and St. Michael’s by-the-Sea (Carlsbad, CA) and a regular summer series at Christ United Methodist Church (Sugar Land, TX). Lazo presented to the clergy of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, and he has offered a number of courses and lectures at The Jung Center of Houston.



Joseph Pearce is writer in residence at Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee; and Director of the Aquinas Center for Faith and Culture.

He has written a number of critically acclaimed, best-selling biographies of great 19th and 20th-century Christian authors, including Wisdom and Innocence: A Life of G. K. Chesterton, Tolkien: Man and Myth, C. S. Lewis and The Catholic Church, and Solzhenitsyn: A Soul in Exile. His books have been published and translated into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Mandarin and Polish.

Pearce is also editor of the St. Austin Review, an international magazine dedicated to reclaiming Catholic culture.

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