Davis Bunn

Afternoon Seminar

Creative Writing Workshop

To make writing your professional vocation means entering into the commercial world of publishing or film or both. These days, one of the most crucial issues that every would-be professional author must face is, how to shape an overview that sells.

Pitching your idea is absolutely vital. But arriving at the point where you have successfully distilled four hundred pages into two sentences, or two paragraphs, or the standard maximum length of one page, is extremely difficult.

There are two important factors that are often missed by would-be authors. First, preparing a successful overview can be broken down into a series of well-defined stages. And second, this process can play a crucial role in helping you develop your entire writing project.

Over the course of these two days, we will look at the pitch, the overview, and how this can help energize you during the early creative process.

Our aim is that by the end of these two classes, you will have the core foundation of a successful overview and one-sentence concept.

Davis Bunn is an internationally bestselling author with more than seven million books in print in twenty languages.

Davis has now been a professional novelist for twenty-four years. Some of his works include, Miramar Bay, Lion of Babylon, and Rare Earth. Bunn has appeared on numerous national bestseller lists, and his titles have been Main or Featured Selections with every major U.S. bookclub.  Davis has been honored with four Christy Awards for excellence in fiction, among other accolades.

Bunn serves as Writer in Residence at Regent’s Park College, Oxford University. He has conducted scores of worksops at writer’s conferences over the years. Davis and his wife, Isabella, divide their time between the English countryside and the coast of Florida.

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