Gail Standish Ward

Afternoon Seminar

Sketching Workshop

The very first words of the Scripture are “In the beginning God created…” We are made to create beauty and truth and to find great joy in the process. Our time together in these two beautiful cities will foster that joy. Workshops will include a time of learning how to see and draw the way artists do, and then lots of time to sketch. This workshop is designed for all skill levels from total beginners to professionals.There will be a small materials fee announced via email. It will likely be around £15.

Gail Standish Ward is a visual artist and writer. She trained as both an art historian and visual artist at Vanderbilt University and earned a Master’s degree from Peabody College of Vanderbilt.

Having taught art classes for high school students for 20 years, she shares studio space with Franklin Creative Suites in Franklin, Tennessee, a spot where writers, photographers, designers, and other artists rent affordable studio space.

In addition, she teaches writing workshops and cooking classes and can be spotted on the hit TV series, Nashville.

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