Lancia Smith

Afternoon Seminar

“Calling in the Arts”

What does “calling” mean? Is it the same thing as vocation or is it something more? What am I here for? What if I miss my calling? What does it mean to be called to the Arts? Is everyone “called” or only special people? Is it only to do special things like arts or a dangerous mission?

If you are wrestling with issues related to your purpose, especially as it may relate to disciplines within the Arts, this workshop is a good place to explore those essential questions and find some answers.

This interactive workshop uses teaching, visual presentation, live interviews with Oxbridge speakers, prayer, and group sharing to explore our understanding of what it is to be called, and what it means to answer that call. You will leave this session with handouts, links to resources for further study and very possibly a clearer sense of the call on your own life.
Guest speakers include Andrew Peterson and other conference artists to be announced.

Lancia E. Smith is a writer, photographer, speaker, and an owner of a consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado.

A long-time friend of the C.S. Lewis Foundation, she hosts the website Cultivating the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. She is also the founder of The Cultivating Project an initiative dedicated to whole-life discipling of writers and artists. Lancia is currently writing two books related to discipling writers and the process of cultivating artful lives.

She has loved and studied C.S. Lewis since she first read “Once there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy.


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