Why We Need C.S. Lewis College

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If you are requesting a tour several months in advance of the date, please be aware that we have a limited number of tour guides, who can only be fully confirmed a few weeks in advance.

Special admissions fees for larger groups (groups of 15 or more) are also available upon request (we request a few weeks’ advance reservations for large groups).

To reserve your visit The Kilns, please contact the C.S. Lewis Foundation by emailing our Kilns Tour Coordinator, Jennifer Pemberton, at thekilns@cslewis.org.

Kilns Etiquette

In the interest of ensuring a quality study experience for all in residence at The Kilns, visitors are respectfully asked to observe the fact that The Kilns is not a museum.

Rather, it is the Foundation’s intention to honor the memory of C.S. Lewis by encouraging its continued use as a quiet place of study, fellowship and creative scholarly work, much in the manner that characterized Lewis’ own period of residency there.

Because the home functions primarily as a personal residence, much as it did in Lewis’ time, there are occasions when it simply may prove impractical, or even impossible, to receive outside visitors.

On such occasions, please be assured that we deeply regret any disappointment that may result. To minimize this possibility, we strongly encourage all interested parties to make every effort to arrange for the desired visit and tour well in advance, if at all possible.

Kilns Seminars and Residencies

In addition to tours of the Kilns, the C.S. Lewis Foundation also hosts C.S. Lewis Summer Seminars at the Kilns as well as opportunities for long term Scholars-in-Residence. You can learn more clicking on the links below.

The Kilns address is The Kilns, Headington, Oxford, OX3 8JD, UK

Visit Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church is situated a short distance from The Kilns in the area known as Headington Quarry. This is where C S Lewis worshipped for over 30 years and is buried in the churchyard. Features inside the church, built in 1849 and designed by the celebrated architect Sir George Gilbert Scott, include the Narnia Window and the pew where the Lewis brothers used to sit. The church tends to be open during daylight hours but groups wanting an accompanied visit should contact the church verger Adrian Wood in advance on adyoxford@outlook.com