2nd Round of Oxbridge Postcard Images

After everyone’s votes yesterday and today, we are now down to the second round of images for the 2011 Summer Institute postcard.

I’ve placed them below in order of votes, and because all but the first one (which is the clear favorite so far) have almost an equal amount of votes, I’m considering a fun idea: going to print with 4 different versions of the postcard.

So the vote is different this time – now I’d love to know which 2-3 variants you absolutely would not want to pick!  Please comment below.

6 thoughts on “2nd Round of Oxbridge Postcard Images

  1. rhamm

    Merton College and punting for sure.

  2. Karen Scheffler

    The first two are similar but I like the PATH shown in the second so I would eliminate the first. The second two, I like because for one they are very different from the others, but while the tele is quintessentially British it may not connect well with Oxford. I would suggest making the trumpet a bit more ‘stone-like’ in the angel one.
    The third set is easy to ‘judge’. The one showing the river is my least fav, while the other shot has the growing vine…I like that.
    Summing: No to the first, the ‘tele’, and the ‘water’.
    Always fun to give an op Steve, thanks for this delight today : D Karen

  3. I would not choose the bottom 4. They are beautiful images and I especially love the one of Magdalen College, however they do draw the viewer with a sense of expectation the way the first two images do. Thanks for letting us vote! My first favorite is the image without the road and second is the one with it.

  4. Mary Key

    I’m with Lancia on the first two – I like the one without the road better (sorry Karen!). I wouldn’t go with the angel at all. The phone booth seems a bit more London-ish, though I know where there’s at least one in Oxford. The vine does play into the “Paradigms of Hope” theme. My favorites are 1, then 6, then either 4 or 5.

  5. Joanne Hordyk

    Would not pick: the first one, the water, the telephone or the angel.
    Would pick: the second one or the last one with the ivy.

  6. janis bonner

    Ooh, the angel and the phone booth are definitely Doctor Who not Jack.

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