And the Winning Postcard Is…

And the winner of the voting for the 2011 Summer Institute postcard is, by popular demand the following candidate.

Not only did it receive the lion share of the votes, it also fit the 2011 theme (Paradigms of Hope: Transcending Chaos & Transforming Culture) perfectly.

Those of you who were at the 2008 Summer Institute at Oxbridge might recognize the image below of our dear Cambridge bagpiper. He was a “paradigm of hope” by “transcending the chaos” of the cataclysmic thunder storm that happened on our closing day of the conference.

He walked and piped through the pouring rain through the streets of Cambridge, leading registrants to Queen’s College and then finally set up his piping outside of our reception area, again in the rain.

Just kidding! Well, not about the story, but about the postcard image being used. I just thought it might be a fun memory for those that were there, an unofficial conference image. :)

We actually picked four images for the 2011 Postcard and printed each.  Click the “Read the rest of this entry” link to find out the winners:

The church image was the clear winner and was widely popular.

The angel was a love/hate affair – people either strongly loved it or strongly hated it, but was loved more, so it made it in.

The phone booth was a visual favorite, event though it wasn’t quite in itself representative of the conference – several liked it because it is so iconic of England (and this one is from Oxford) especially since many of the booths are now gone from England.

The river was a split vote, with many loving it as their first or second choice, but with several others disliking it as their first or second dislike… so it was a compromise vote.

Thanks to everyone who voted!

Steve Elmore

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  1. The piper was appropriate as this was posted on St. Andrewes day!

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