C.S. Lewis Around the Web – May 30, 2013

We here at the C.S. Lewis Foundation are very proud of Debbie Higgins, the resident director at The Kilns, for the publishing of her first book, Announcing ‘Anglo-Saxon Community in J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings.  The book gives “a detailed study of how Tolkien entered into the community of Anglo-Saxon storytellers as a scholar and critic,” but it also recasts the historical details, heroic codes, and literary themes and motifs that Tolkien used when composing his now historic books.

The book is not up for pre-order yet, but we are very excited that Debbie’s work has been recognized and will find a place within the literature world.  Check out the official release from the publisher, Oloris Publishing, here.

As the 50th Anniversary of Lewis’ death continues, there will be a celebration at Lewis’ own church in September.  The four-day CS Lewis Jubilee Festival in September will feature talks, guided walks, a play and family activities, including a talk from Alister McGrath who recently wrote a book chronicling Lewis’ life.  The festival is open to all and will be a time of celebration for the author and an exciting opportunity into a glimpse of his life at his home church.  For more information please follow the link here.

In his continuing “A to Z of C.S. Lewis” editorial, Lou Markos discusses the issue of war and Christianity through Lewis’ works and views, especially in The Weight of Glory.  Markos makes that argument that, while Lewis did not like war, he saw the necessity of it when it came down to action.  “We may kill if necessary,” writes Lewis, “but we must not hate and enjoy hating.  We may punish if necessary, but we must not enjoy it.  In other words, something inside us, the feeling of resentment, the feeling that wants to get one’s own back, must be simply killed.”

A rather conflicted debate amongst Christians, Markos does not set out to settle the debate but merely bring light to it through Lewis’ own opinion of the issue of war and killing.  To read the full article or the look back at Markos’ other articles, check out the site here.

Lastly, and for a bit lighter topic than the previous one, the C.S. Lewis Foundation received an email from Clay Deveau, a special education teacher in New York, about a project he had his students undertake in class.  His students are huge fans of Narnia, so they made a life sized wardrobe and put it on display.  To see the picture, click on the photo below to view the gallery and enlarge it to full size.  As Mr. Deveau describes:

On the left in the picture is the outside of our wardrobe.  Each student of my five-student class created a piece of our doors. And then on the right, we are peering into Narnia from the outside of the wardrobe. We can see my students’ favorite moments of the book.  On the left we have Cair Paravel during the coronation of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy (complete with a Mermaid).  On the top right we have Lucy and Mr. Tumnus meeting at the Lamp Post for the first time.  On the middle right we have Aslan in the White Witch’s castle restoring Mr. Tumnus from his stone punishment. And on the bottom right we have our portrayal of the White Witch’s castle. I am quite proud of my students’ work!

Fifty years after his death, Lewis still appeals to all ages!  From Narnia to The Weight of Glory, there is seemingly something for everyone.

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