C.S. Lewis Summer Institute on the Web

Conference-Audio-SI14The Oxbridge 2014 C.S. Lewis Summer Institute may have come and gone; however, the Foundation staff and those who attended are continually inspired by what was an intellectually, artistically, and spiritually-engaging conference! It is for this reason that we wish to share the various articles, pictures, and videos of those who experienced our C.S. Lewis Summer Institute, all in the good company of friends among the “dreaming spires” of Oxford and the riverside beauty of Cambridge.

Eric Metaxas, friend of the Foundation and keynote speaker for Oxbridge 2014, shared a video of his first plenary address “The Meaning of Meaning: Chance or the Dance?” that took place during our opening night at the University of Oxford. Plenary speaker Dr. Greg Thornbury of King’s College shared his address “Christian Virtures That Inspire Atheist Philosophers” on his Twitter account, as well. You can also watch Metaxas’ and Thornburys’ addresses through the Foundation videographer Ralph Lindhardt’s YouTube channel.

Interested in reading about the conference? Conference volunteer Sarah Clarkson has written two lovely articles about her time at Oxbridge 2014 titled “Oxford Again” and “Evensong and Sunlight.”

After arriving back in the States, our friend and 2014 afternoon session leader Melanie Jeschke did a radio interview featuring her experience at the conference and her book series.

Finally, for those of you who would like a  visual presentation of what goes on during one of our C.S. Lewis Summer Institutes, conference volunteer Emmeline Dobson used the program Storify to create a collection of stories, pictures, and videos (all shared by Foundation staff, faculty, and attendees) to give our readers a taste of what it was like to be a part of Oxbridge 2014. You can view Emmeline’s collection by following this link: https://storify.com/emeraldsong/a-cs-lewis-oxbridge-2014-story.