Lewis Around the Web – December 8, 2013

books1With the 50th Anniversary of C.S. Lewis’ death upon us, many people have developed a renewed interest in Lewis. The anniversary of his death hit many mainstream media outlets, where writers took a deeper look into Lewis’ life and works.  Whether an overview his life, or a deep investigation into his works and ongoing legacy, there is lot of buzz around the web concerning Jack.

Lewis is probably most well-known for The Chronicles of Narnia, which continues to entertain and inspire people both young and old.  Despite its popularity, many readers do not know the origins of Lewis’s most beloved series. In his article titled “Why Did C.S. Lewis Write The Chronicles of Narnia?” Rowan Williams tackles this issue and highlights what was happening in Lewis’ life during the time of creating The Chronicles of Narnia, as well as some of the possible things that inspired his Narnian world.  To read the article, please click here.

It’s not only the media that has been writing about Lewis, but also students in elementary schools. Recently in Michigan a class of 5th graders read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and then “wrote a piece on a specific prompt using their imagination or personal experience.” Be sure to check out their creative and humorous stories for yourself by clicking here.

Although Lewis’s Narnia series made him a household name in the world of children’s literature, Lewis is also a well-known writer of Christian apologetics.  Many of his works, including Mere Christianity and The Problem of Pain, are still used both academically and within the Church.  Friend of the Foundation and noted scholar Dr. Michael Ward recently released an article appearing in Christianity Today where he discusses the importance  of Christian apologetics, as well as what readers can learn of this subject from Lewis’ own writings.

Finally, don’t forget that our third and final conference that continues in the 50th Anniversary Celebration of C.S. Lewis will take place July 21-31, 2014 in both Oxford and Cambridge, UK. We will explore the theme “Reclaiming the Virtues: Human Flourishing in the 21st Century” with renowned scholars from the arts and sciences, leaders in ministry and the major professions, and an array of literary, visual, and performing artists. For more information and to register, please visit the C.S. Lewis Summer Institute webpage. We hope to see you there!