New Christianity Today Article by Brett McCracken

One of the C.S. Lewis Foundation’s former interns, Brett McCracken, has just authored the cover story for the most recent issue of Christianity Today. He addresses what he calls “Hipster Christianity,” a new label for one post-modern version of Christianity that is currently in vogue. It can be found on Christianity Today.

What happens, he asks, when Christianity meets cool? What does this version of Christianity offer the church, and how does it relate to the church as a whole? How are these churches trying to retain relevancy to culture? He attempts to answer these questions in the article. For a more in-depth analysis, one may turn to his new book, appropriately titled Hipster Christianity, which deals with the same issues in a large scope. It can be purchased here.

One thought on “New Christianity Today Article by Brett McCracken

  1. I think that is very interesting. There are many Christian hipster religions going around. However, the impact is severly negative when this cool Christianity is contrary to scripture. Just brings more confusion.

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